ENGLISH-LIVE! is a multi-level (pre-intermediate to advanced), multi-skills book, which uses interviewing as the means to get students communicating in English. The book is divided into five stages, each of which concludes with an interview. The first three interviews are done in class, and the last two are done outside of class. Ideally, students use English when conducting interviews and when reporting on the interviews, both orally and in writing.
The course gives students the oppotunity to use the English they learn in the classroom, outside of class in real and unpredictable stuation.

The structure of each stage is:
Listening practice
Preparatory activities, such as making a phone call
An interview
A reading

Special features:
Realistic recorded interview reports, communication activities, advice on selecting outside-of-class interviewees, pair and group work which enables the book to be used with large classes, and an encore section with supplemental activities.


by Christine Lee Chinen

Book size: B5
Pages: 76
Printed on 100% Recycled Paper

Materials:       ISBN:

Student Book 978-4-900689-21-3
Teacher's Edition 978-4-900689-22-0
Class Audio CD 978-4-900689-23-7




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